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‎25 Kislev 5784 | ‎08/12/2023

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Limud in Mallorca: Bringing Jews Together

Limud in Mallorca:  Bringing Jews Together

ENGLISH CORNER, CON LINDA JIMÉNEZ – This week’s trivia question:  Where does kosher food in Mallorca come from?

The word “Limmud” comes from the Hebrew word meaning “to learn”.  The Limmud organization was born in 1980 in the UK. There are currently more than 90 local communities in more than 40 countries. Limud Mallorca was created in 2018 thanks to the enthusiasm of a group of volunteer friends who want to live a Jewish lifestyle on this beautiful Spanish island in the Mediterranean.

The organization is based on the principle: we can all be teachers and we should all be students. Limud offers a wide selection of activities for all ages, ranging from workshops and debates to the communal celebration of holidays and Shabbat.

Last week Dani Rotstein, one of the founders of Limud Mallorca, told us about the island’s Jewish community.  This week Sarah Miller and Joshua Gunsberger, two of the organization’s active members, are speaking with us about Limud  and some of their activities.

For virtual tours of Jewish Mallorca, go here.