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‎8 Sivan 5783 | ‎28/05/2023

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Manuel Mira, Novelist

Manuel Mira, Novelist

ENGLISH CORNER, CON LINDA JIMÉNEZ – This week’s trivia question: Where was the Danone (or Dannon) company founded and where was the yogurt sold at first?

Manuel Mira was born in Orihuela, Spain, in 1945. He studied law and journalism and worked for a number of newspapers in various capacities, including editor-in chief. He was President of the Press Association in Alicante, Spain, and won several prizes for his work before retiring from active journalism in 2003. In 2004 he won the Azorín Prize for his novel El Secreto de Orcelis. Since then, he has published the novels Ella era Islandia in 2008, the epic Madre Tierra in 2010, El Apeadero in 2012 and his most recent work, El olivo que no ardió en Salónica, published this year. He has written novels of intrigue and adventure as well as historical novels, and even though his fiction belongs to different genres, all his works evidence the skill for in-depth research that he developed as an investigative journalist.
Mira spoke with us about his work and, especially, about his new book, El olivo que no ardió en Salonica.
Anyone interested in translating this book and publishing it in English can contact Manuel Mira directly at: