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‎10 Nisan 5783 | ‎01/04/2023

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Sara Aharoni, Israeli Educator and Writer

Sara Aharoni, Israeli Educator and Writer

ENGLISH CORNER, CON LINDA JIMÉNEZ – This week’s trivia question: What educational program did Sara Aharoni develop for adults in Peru, and who participated in it?

Sara Aharoni was born in Israel in 1953. She worked as a teacher, educator and school principal for 20 years. She also spent four years in Lima, Peru, as an educational envoy of the Jewish Agency. Together with her husband, Meir Aharoni, Sara wrote, edited and published a series of books about Israel, including four in English. She has also published six children’s books.

In 2008, Aharoni published her first novel, Saltanat’s Love, based on her mother’s life story, and it became a bestseller. Her third novel, Mrs. Rothschild’s Love, went instantly to the top of the Israeli bestseller list. Aharoni received the Book Publishers Association’s Platinum Prize for her first novel and the Steimatzky Prize for best-selling book of the year for Mrs. Rothschild’s Love.